Sunday, September 21, 2008

My mysterious life story...

I was born in my family's little log cabin on a hazy, eerie morning. My mother says she named me Misty after the mysterious fog that swirled in the air, a name that suits me quite well to this day.

I had a happy yet secluded childhood. I lived with my parents in our log cabin, in the middle of dark, dense woods, on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere. My mother wrote murder novels under a pseudonym, and my father was a scientist who conducted strange genetic experiments in our basement. My parents were pretty lenient, but they did have one rule-stay out of the basement, or else.

Everything went smoothly until my fourteenth birthday, when I discovered one of my mother's old murder novels hidden at the back of her bookshelf. I have always had a passion for all things mysterious, so I instantly stole off to my room with it. I was happily reading along when suddenly something dawned on me. The main character in the book was EXACTLY LIKE ME. Same sunken-in eyes, same knack for Sudoku puzzles, same thirst for the unknown. I ran to my bedroom mirror. I had always thought my skin was a strange paper-white, and that my hair was unusually crisp and floppy. There was a weird birthmark on the back of my neck shaped like newsprint. And I had always felt more at home among my books than anywhere else. Mere coincidences? I was beginning to think not.

Frantic, I dashed downstairs to find my parents, but they were nowhere in sight. Gone. Vanished. Disappeared. Cautiously, I descended the stairs into my basement. If there were any clues to be found, that was surely the place to look. I found the basement all messy and scattered, as if someone had quickly grabbed piles of stuff and ran with it. There wasn't much of use left down there. However, I was able to find a bag with a swab labelled "Misty's DNA" sandwiched between the pages of a notebook filled with illegible handwriting. I didn't know how to decipher DNA, but I figured one day I might meet someone who could. Shoving the book, swab, and the contents of my piggybank into a bookbag, I headed out the door and embarked on a year-long journey to find my missing parents.

I haven't yet been able to track down Mother and Father, but recently I was able to locate a second-cousin, Twyla Lee Nyx. She kindly took me under her wing, and I am staying in her mansion as I continue my search. One day, I will unravel the secrets of my past. Until then, I will have to satisfy my thirst for mysteries in her library.


Yours Truly said...

Hmmm....Your story will be interesting to study. Genetic experiments and a strange resemblance to a character from a book.Perhaps I shall look into this.
Trooper Cordell

Twyla said...

Welcome dearest Misty.
I would have posted a comment sooner, but my computer and I are at war at the moment.

--Twyla Lee